Online Bingo in the United Kingdom

As the quality of high definition streaming continues to improve, online gambling facilities are becoming increasingly popular with players in the United Kingdom. Online bingo in particular has become extraordinarily popular for those that like to play from home. As the popularity of online bingo continues to grow a variety of new portals are popping up to accommodate the thousands of new players. This is having a huge impact on the industry both in the way that websites draw in players and the kinds of online bingo games and bonuses which websites offer.

Online Bingo sites that work in United Kingdom


Growing Popularity of Online Bingo

Investors in online bingo have noted that there have been market increases as high as 32 percent each quarter for those investing in the international market. Companies such as SeanieMac International Ltd., an Irish gaming company responsible for many of the online casinos popular in the United Kingdom, has generated as much as $3.2 billion in 2012 alone. These profits were directly associated with the increase in wagering activities that are gaining appeal worldwide. There has been specific growth noted in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, the United States and Canada.

There is a distinct growth in the popularity for online bingo halls has been growing since 2004. Much of this growth has been directly associated with the closing of many traditional bingo halls in 2005, which has prompted lovers of the game to find a new venue for their activities. There was an additional drop in the popularity of bingo halls in 2007 when smoking was banned in these facilities. However, with nearly ten years of activity behind them there is no denying that online bingo is starting to pick up a new crowd in addition to catering to loyal followers of the game. As the numbers increase, bingo forums are finding new and interesting ways to cater to those interested in the game to keep up with the ever-increasing competition.

An Increasing Availability of Bingo Websites

It is estimated that in 2004 there were approximately 20 online bingo websites operating within the UK. Today there are as many as 350, which does not include international casinos which allow players from the United Kingdom to play alongside others from around the world. For some, this sudden increase in the availability of websites is confusing. For years bingo was considered to be something of a social event. You would visit a bingo hall with friends and spend the evening playing the game.

Today, with many bingo halls closed and unavailable to customers, bingo has become something of a hobby that people participate in at home. Millions still visit traditional bingo halls, but most reveal that in addition to going out to play a few nights a month; bingo lovers will regularly play the game online at home. To cater to the social element which bingo halls once held, many of the top platforms include a chat room function in their bingo rooms, encouraging people to get to know each other and make friends or celebrate together when someone wins.

Online Bingo UK

Features like chat rooms are one of many gimmicks that online bingo websites will use to draw in customers. With an ever-increasing amount of websites available for customers to choose from, there is a constant need to draw in new players by creating a unique and interesting atmosphere. Free play days or higher jackpots for winners are also used to get people to log on more regularly. Some websites like the popular Foxy Bingo page will offer items like free radio while you play to keep people coming back for more.

Most Popular Bingo Platforms in the UK

SeanieMac has a distinct hold in the United Kingdom, though many of their wagering activities focus around Gaelic sporting events rather than electronic bingo halls. The specific website which focuses solely on online bingo which holds the number one popularity spot in the United Kingdom varies greatly from month to month. Those that offer free bingo are usually more popular with day to day players compared to those that require a paid membership to play. Typically, the top five bingo websites include Tombola, Betfred Bingo, Love Your Bingo, Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo, though the specific order of these websites in the polls will vary.

Example of Online Bingo Platform that works in United Kingdom

While it is not actually one of the most popular websites to play, one of the most well-known bingo websites in the United Kingdom is Foxy Bingo. Most of the popularity of this website stems from an aggressive advertising campaign both online and on television which is targeted at women who want to play bingo during the day. The purple and pink background, chat rooms and free radio also help to set the mood for casual players, though given its falling popularity it is unclear how successful these measures have been.

Top Bonuses in Online Bingo

There are several websites which are specifically known for offering fantastic bingo bonuses to convince players to join their games. The most well-known startup prize is from Betfair who offers as much as 400 percent on an initial deposit of £10 at their bingo halls. Dream Bingo comes in a close second, offering 300 percent for an initial deposit of £10 to play.

Most bonuses focus on offering people a deposit bonus that sets them up to play. Websites will frequently require a minimum balance to begin playing which will be calculated in Pounds or Euros depending on the origins of the website. Many websites such as Party Bingo, 888 Ladies or Ruby Bingo will offer a 100 percent match on your initial deposit as a way of encouraging people to come play. Ruby Bingo also waves the £5 deposit fee for new players.

Deal of Online Bingo in UK

Impact of the 2005 Gambling Act

As a result of the 2005 Gambling Act in the United Kingdom, online bingo is now classified as remote gambling. This means that in order to be made available to the public, any website offering this activity must be approved and white-listed. In short this means that minors or those with mental disabilities may not play at these websites, a set of rules in English must be available to all players and no proceeds from the website may be used to fund activities which are considered criminal in the United Kingdom. There must also be a long-term option for individuals to collect their winnings.

Different Online Bingo Games

The main difference between bingo websites online is whether or not a payment is required to play. Free websites do not typically offer prizes to players as there is no way to generate a jackpot pool.

Within the game itself there are numerous variations. Traditional bingo requires individuals to get five numbers in a row across their sheet. There is also diamond which requires a diamond shape to be made across the card, cross, which forms a cross through the N column or cover all which requires individuals to fill every square on their card. Many websites institute a “have your pick” policy where players will select one of these options before the game begins.

Online Bingo United Kingdom

The Impact of Advertising on Free Bingo

For free online bingo websites, advertising is used to cover much of the cost of keeping the website up and functional. These advertisements will typically appear in the columns on either side of the play area, though some websites will broadcast advertisements in between rounds. Some websites offer the opportunity to purchase a membership for those that wish to avoid ads, offering yet another profitable margin for companies. Studies thus far do not indicate that advertising on online bingo pages is considered to be any more intrusive than standard advertising on other web pages.

Growing Financial Success for Bingo Platforms

Since 2012 online bingo halls have generated a minimum of $1 billion in revenue globally. Much of this revenue is associated with the cost of memberships or buying into rounds though free to play bingo websites generate almost all of their income from advertising. Since as many as 1000 bingo halls have closed since 2005 in the United Kingdom, the profitability of online bingo is only expected to rise.

Checking Security before you Play Online

It is always important to be aware of the security settings on an online bingo site before you start to play. You will be entering your personal information and conducting transactions on these websites so you should take the time to determine how this information is used.

The privacy policy for most online bingo websites should be explained when you create an account. Read this through carefully so you understand what information will be collected as you play. Also check to see if your personal information will be sold to advertisers that may be operating on the website.

One of the most important details regarding security on online bingo websites is how transactions are conducted on the webpage. Most online bingo companies will partner with a finance company to manage credit card payments – many bingo sites also accept Paypal – helping to increase their security. This partnership should be noted on the payments page so you can do any necessary research regarding how your information is protected.

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